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Borders in science and nations are artificial. Should we have borders within India?
E. Arunan

Tamil is an ancient language that has been around for several millennia. Several philosophers have written poetry, which is ancient, but its content remains applicable for all times. ... more

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Change in email domain name

The domain part of the email address of all email addresses used by the office of Indian Academy of Sciences, including those of the staff, the journals, various programmes, and Current Science, has changed from '' (or '') to ''. Thus, for example, the address (or has changed to (without the string 'academy'). Please take note of this change.

Forthcoming Articles

Should Indian researchers pay to get their work published?
Muthu Madhana, Siva Shankar Kimidi, Subbiah Gunasekaran and Subbiah Arunachalam


Optical nanoscopy tools for biologists: advancements of fluorophores and optics for high resolution and live imaging
Dhermendra K. Tiwari, Manisha Tiwari, Vadim Pérez Koldenkova and Bikash R. Sahoo


Winter fog experiment over the Indo-Gangetic plains of India
Sachin D. Ghude, G. S. Bhat, Thara Prabhakaran et al.


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